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A boy befriends the new kid at school who is on the local dive team. His new friend convinces him to join the team.

The film will be Rated PG when completed

Running time of 80 mins

Filming July 2023

Renting a pool with Dive Platforms is very expensive so we are setting the budget at $15,000 so we really need to step up our fundraising efforts.

U12 Boys Diving Feature Film Project

Casting Call

We have a very exciting opportunity for boys age 8 to 10 to take one year of free diving lessons so they can act in this feature film project. Diving can be dangers with out proper training. We have linked up with a local Olympic Dive team with professional coaches. Diving lessons start in September 2022 and run to the end of June 2023.

We start filming July 2023.

Must have good swimming skills.

Swim test is required.

Must be athletic.

Must be able to ride a bike.

Must be committed to completing the film project.

Acting experience is not required.

Gymnastics skills would be an asset but not required.

A parent or parent appointed guardian must be on set July 2023.

Everyone working on the project is volunteering their time.

We have 15 roles available.

Lead roles have not been assigned yet.

If you would like more information or to set up a meeting to talk about the project please contact Director Sterling Johnston.

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Please contact Director Sterling Johnston about how to make a donation or contribution to the boys diving lessons or the feature film project.