Film Budget


The U12 Boys Diving Film Budget

The budget is still under construction.

What we need to make the film,

Pool Rental    $3000

Gas for casting

Gas for production


Location Rentals

Diving Lessons for 10 boys $10,000

4K Video camera rental

Money already Spent

Gas $340

Swim Suites $150

Diving Lessons Winter $347 $347 $347 $347

Pay Pal Fees $78.43 (as of Oct 15)

Diving Lessons Spring $250 $250 $250 $250

Pay Pal Fees $70.

Phone $112

Post $18.80 $11.78 $4.00

Prints $17.40

Props for the film $200

Camera Bike $200

Contact us Info:

Sterling Johnston Films

Box 96, Alma, Ontario, Canada, N0B 1A0



A boy befriends the new kid at school who is on the local dive team. His new friend convinces him to join the team.

The film will be Rated G when completed

Running time of 80 mins

Filming July 2023

Renting a pool with Dive Platforms is very expensive so we are setting the budget at $15,000 so we really need to step up our fundraising efforts.

U12 Boys Diving Feature Film Project

To Sponsor a cast members diving lessons please see the diving lessons page.

If you make a donation to the film project you get your name in the ending credits.

Thank you for your support

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Please contact Director Sterling Johnston about how to make a donation or contribution to the boys diving lessons or the feature film project.

Donations so far

Sterling Johnston $200

Michael Bednarski $200