U12 Boys Diving Feature Film

This page was last updated SEPT 8, 2023


WELL the film has finished filmed and i am editing it. It is a very different film than I oridginaly set out to make but it is a finished project.

Old news, We are restarting the U12 Boys Diving Film. A great big thank you goes out to all the supports from early 2020 to the film project. Sadly all the actors from 2020 are now too old to play the lead roles and we are recasting from scratch.

First order of business is casting and getting the actors signed up for one year of diving lessons. Lessons are $347 for the first term.

3 boys x 347 = $1041.00

The cast will grow in the next few weeks to 10 actors so we will need to get fundraising kicked off as soon as possible. If you would like to support the actors and their goals please feel free to show your support and get your name in the ending credits of the film.

Contact us Info:

Sterling Johnston Films

Box 96, Alma, Ontario, Canada, N0B 1A0

Email: info@sterlingjohnstonfilms.ca



A boy befriends the new kid at school who is on the local dive team. His new friend convinces him to join the team.

The film will be Rated G when completed

Running time of 80 mins

Filming July 2023

Renting a pool with Dive Platforms is very expensive so we are setting the budget at $15,000 so we really need to step up our fundraising efforts.

U12 Boys Diving Feature Film Project

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Please contact Director Sterling Johnston about how to make a donation or contribution to the boys diving lessons or the feature film project.