Trees For Christmas


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Three Girls lose their paper route when the local paper news paper closes. Hoping to buy christmas presents they start a Christmas Tree Lot to make money.

This film will be 51 mins long when completed and be Rated PG

Current News.

We are in production. We have had some really bad winter weather but we did manage to get one 8 hour day of filming in. Filming this weekend and hopefully wrapping up the Tree Lot Location.

My films are rated by the Ontario Film Review Board. For more information on film ratings please see their website.

Our target audience is age 8 to 16. Grown ups my like the films but they we never written or designed for people over the age of 16.

Sterling Productions is a not for profit and everyone working on our productions are volunteers.  We create opportunities for young actors to build the particle experience that they require to find work in the film and television industry.

Just like hockey football or anything else for that matter, it takes about ten thousand hours of particle experience before anyone will consider you a professional.

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Last updated Feb 13, 2020

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Trees for Christmas

Trees for Christmas