Ghost of Thunder Lake


Updated January 15, 2023

Ghost of Thunder Lake is a 70 minute kids film that will be rated G or GP when completed. Target audience age 8 to 14

It’s 1984, 11 year old Tyler goes on a family camping trip to Thunder Lake Campgrounds. He becomes friends with the other kids in the camp. Sitting around the campfire they come up with a plan to debunk the local ghost story. They set out on the family sail boat to find the ghost.

This adventure drama follows five boys. It’s kind of like the 1986  film, Stand by Me directed by Rob Reiner, but our film will cover growing up in Canada 1984. Also its also kind of like the very popular Stranger Things.

Filming the last two weeks of August 2023.

10 day commitment.

Casting Boys age 8 to 12.

Must have good swimming skills as we will be working in and around water.

Must be able to ride a bike.

Must be fit as there is a bunch of running from the ghost.

A parent or Parent appointed guardian must be on set.

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