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About Flipnews

For many years I wanted to make a kids comedy skit news cast and the opportunity came about when Rose Berkun emailed me asking if I could help her son Ryan create a show like The Colbert Report. Ryan was a huge fan of Stephen Colbert.

Anyways she had a few writes lined up to write some episodes and I build the set in my studio. I was the Director, Producer, Editor, Camera Guy and so on. I also wrote a few episodes myself. I also hired Lyndsay Tegler as a crew member to help sound recording and daily studio set up.

As the producer I cover 100% of the cost of the production and donated 1000 hours of work.

We recorded a total of 17 episodes in 2007. 3 episodes were never edited.

Ryan Berkun has has become an accomplished Actor / model of stage and film. His imdb.com page only has a small portion of work listed.

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